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A Programmers Eureka

Sometimes I don't just run into problems for my ever curious mind to pick apart and solve. Sometimes I actually go looking for them. But regardless of how I find them, it's all the same once I've solved the problem: "OMG! I Figured it Out!" It's a Programmers Eureka.

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If for whatever reason you are stuck using the FAT32 File System (because of ease of portability/compatibility between Linux or other OS's etc.,) please note that you may encounter some weird issues if you're also used to working extremely large file sizes. FAT32 only supports files up to 4 Gigabytes. So if you happen to copy a 4.7 GB DVD Rip (ISO or another Image Format) you'll probably encounter some issues. If you use a program such as MagicISO (v5.3) to rip DVD images, you may find that you will be able to rip without error, but you will probably end up with an incomplete rip where files on or after the 4 GB cut off are not recoverable from your DVD image. Some software packages such as Nero Burning ROM compensate for this issue by linking a second file to your DVD image that contains data beyond the 4 GB cut off. I would suggest using an NTFS partition in Windows or another Operating System & File System where this is known to be a non-issue if at all possible... just to be safe.

Yeah... I had some frustrating experiences with this little issue.


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