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A Programmers Eureka

Sometimes I don't just run into problems for my ever curious mind to pick apart and solve. Sometimes I actually go looking for them. But regardless of how I find them, it's all the same once I've solved the problem: "OMG! I Figured it Out!" It's a Programmers Eureka.

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Finally... A Post

Sorry for the wait.

While not much has changed here on this site (... correction... nothing has changed here on this site,) a lot has changed with my set up at home. A friend of mine has been storing an old Pentium II system at my house (as well as a Pentium I, and a monitor) for a while now. Since it's hardware is mostly outdated (got to love the fast pace of the technology industry these days,) it is of little use. One of the few things that hasn't changed as far as compatibility goes, is the computers cases themselves (as of about the Pentium II most systems were being built with ATX compatible motherboards and cases.) So I asked my friend if I could use that case for my own purposes and he said no problem. So I managed to install a new motherboard, processor, RAM, and power supply all for under $250 (CDN). I've installed Ubuntu Linux Server 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) on it, and offloaded all the server tasks I normally run on my main Windows XP system onto it (including two servers for mods on Valve's Source Gaming Engine: Counter Strike Source, and Source Forts.) It handles everything with exceptional ease, which is great considering the low cost of all the hardware components. This has also given me an opportunity to become more familiar with the Linux command line, and general management of a Linux server system. In the long term I see myself moving more towards using Linux and other Open Source Software for more and more computer applications as I have not been pleased with the direction Microsoft has headed, especially with the latest edition of their Operating System: Windows Vista.


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