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A Programmers Eureka

Sometimes I don't just run into problems for my ever curious mind to pick apart and solve. Sometimes I actually go looking for them. But regardless of how I find them, it's all the same once I've solved the problem: "OMG! I Figured it Out!" It's a Programmers Eureka.

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Haven't posted in ages, so it's definitely time to do something about that.

I've been running a Source Dedicated Server off and on for about a year now to host a Counter Strike: Source server. Yesterday Valve Software pushed out an update which 'Fixed potential "nuke" exploit in rcon subsystem.' I ran the update and rebooted the server only to find that it crashed as it was loading. So I tried disabling all the plugins, which fixed the problem. But since I can't live without the for stats and map voting, this had to be solved. I had been loading Mani Admin using the Metamod:Source plugin layer. So I loaded up the server running only Metamod:Source, and the server loaded without problems. Every time I added Mani Admin Plugin back onto the server, it failed to load. I decided I might try loading Mani Admin Plugin using the VDF method, and this appears to work without fail.

Hope this helps anybody who encounters a similar problem.


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