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A Programmers Eureka

Sometimes I don't just run into problems for my ever curious mind to pick apart and solve. Sometimes I actually go looking for them. But regardless of how I find them, it's all the same once I've solved the problem: "OMG! I Figured it Out!" It's a Programmers Eureka.

Visit Links

This is the blog of a good friend of mine where you may find entries posted by me as well.
This is the site belonging to the guy who designed the web layout template upon which I built this site.
This site tracks uptime, server software, and information on fraudsters websites all over the web. An invaluable resource.
PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
PHP is a server-side HTML embedded scripting language. Almost any time I need a scripted language, this is what I use.
MySQL AB :: The world's most popular open source database
MySQL is a multithreaded, multi-user SQL database management system (DBMS.) Perfect for storing and retreiving large amounts of information.
The Apache HTTP Server Project
Apache HTTPd is a cross platform web server. Often noted for being the most widely used web server avialible.