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A Programmers Eureka

Sometimes I don't just run into problems for my ever curious mind to pick apart and solve. Sometimes I actually go looking for them. But regardless of how I find them, it's all the same once I've solved the problem: "OMG! I Figured it Out!" It's a Programmers Eureka.

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Had to Happen Sooner or Later

It's Launched, even if not Completed

I have been putting off the launching of this site for one reason or another for some time now. But I've finally decided to say "the hell with completion" and just launch what I have done so far. Probably a really good idea since it seems for me, completion never comes. These ideas for features pop into my head that make me think "oh, I should add that," faster then the time, energy, and initiative become available to actually implement them. So this here, what you see now, is what you're going to get for the time being until I can add more stuff.

The Making Of...

This site is built completely from the ground up on PHP and MySQL with some scripts and scraps stolen from here and there. Which is, let me humbly say, a lot of work. So some may ask why I would build something like this from scratch when there are perfectly good blog and site packages available that run on whatever platform you wish to run a site on. It's a learning thing. I enjoy scripting PHP, and I have always felt that if you really want to understand the ins and outs of something you have to be able to build or re-build it from the ground up. And being as curious as I am, I have an endless desire to understand the way things work. So that's why I've built this site from the ground up. And I must say, this has indeed been a good learning experience.

What's to Come?

Hopefully, a lot. I have a lot of plans for this site and other sites that I wish to launch. Watch this blog for new and interesting things you might encounter here, and elsewhere.


Never assume!

I just spent an extra two hours trying to figure out how to get Apache HTTPd's mod_rewrite to strip the query string from bad (Code Red ISS worm) requests, all because I neglected to read two lines of text. You strip the query string simply by placing a ? (question mark) at the end of the Substitution URL in RewriteRule. I am notorious for skipping past all the boring text that describes how something works, skipping straight to the examples so that I can copy and paste them to try them out. Examples containing the trailing "?" were staring me in the face but I neglected to try them because I assumed that having a trailing "?" would just produce a rewritten URL with a trailing "?". It doesn't. Of course, never assume is (as it always has been for me) just one more rule that I set out for myself with the best intentions in mind, but never follow, because if I did it would [insert lame excuse here.]


A Christmas Carol March

While working today at the pizza place I noticed the name "Scrooge, E" popped up on our call display while taking an order. For some strange reason I started wondering to myself "I wonder if I'll get any tip for this delivery."


DEH-P670MP CD-R Compatibility

When burning a MP3 CD to play in your Pioneer Premier DEH-P670MP CD player in your car, please be sure NOT to set the file system mode to ISO 9660:1999... It will not play in your deck. I got three god damned coasters to prove it. ISO 9660 probably works (untested, but I'm pretty sure it's documented that it does) and ISO 9660 + Joliet works for sure (tested, but I bet that the Joliet file system goes unused, still for maximum compatibility this is a safe bet.)


I Am... I Think?

I Am.
I dream.
I laugh and I weep.
I live and I die.
I create and I destroy.
I am loved and I am hated.
I love and I hate.
But most of all, and above all else,
I am loved as I love.
Therefore, I am till the day that,
I once was.

- Chris Hughan, Originally Dated 2002-04-28 01:47

The above is the only piece of poetry that I have ever been all that proud of writing. I recently decided to recover it using the Internet Archive (wayback machine.) It was inspired by the movie "AI: Artificial Intelligence."

Think: "Cogito, ergo sum" (Latin for: "I think, therefore I am.") A philosophical statement used by René Descartes, which became a foundational element of Western philosophy. "Cogito ergo sum" is a translation of Descartes' original French statement: "Je pense, donc je suis", which occurs in his Discourse on Method (1637).


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